Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Party

Hello again.

I kind of like fall. I don't like that it starts getting cold, but I do like that the leaves turn pretty colors and that we get to carve pumpkins!! This past Saturday, Schramm and I decided that we wanted to carve pumpkins.

I wanted to share with YOU our experience. I'm very much a visual learner, so I'm going to demostrate our pumpkin party in photo. ENJOY!

BeforeHard at Work

The Design

PJ thinks carving pumpkins is stupid, but he helped me carve the mouth while I fixed a pizza.

The Final ProductOn the Porch for the world to see!

I'll have to post what they look like glowing in the dark because it's pretty neat!

One more thing before I go. I've been struggling to get out of bed lately and this is why:


Ok so it's not the best picture of him, but he makes it very difficult for me to want to get up and go to work.... Love you baby!

And such is life.

-Mrs. Scalf

One more thing - don't these look delicious! My new favorite website is I'm making some lasagna and these rosemary dinner rolls sometime this week :D


  1. LADY!

    1. Love that you are now a blogger. :o)
    2. LOVE the pioneer woman website.
    3. Such is the life of a wife. :o)

    Love you friend.

  2. I love Living in memphis with you!