Friday, June 18, 2010

That's What You Get for Diggin' in the Flower Bed!

Hello -

You may have already seen this if you've visited my facebook page lately, but here it is just in case you missed it.

I caught Romo digging in the flower bed - NAUGHTY NAUGHTY!! But the story is much longer than that.

Romo and Lady (my in-laws dog) have fleas. They have been suffering for two weeks now as we waited to see if Frontline was ever going to work. I did some research yesterday, and Frontline is supposed to kill everything off in 12 hours... Needless to say, it didn't work. We've been checking them multiple times a day and picking the fleas off.

Yesterday we spoke with our vet (after being put on hold several times for long periods) who said there was nothing that she could do - it's flea season. She recommended that we get a pill called Capstar (from Petmart) which kills all the fleas within 2 hours. When we got to Petmart, the vet there said that we should give them the pill, treat the carpet, wash the dogs with Dawn dish soap, give the pill one more time, then apply the preventive flea medication. So we started the process.

We washed the dogs with Dawn this morning and let them play outside while they dried off and the carpet is being treated (which takes at least an hour). OF COURSE my little puppy got into the flower bed after 2 minutes. He dug himself into a mess. So I yelled, and spanked, and yelled, and rewashed that darn pup til the dirt was gone. He still had to stay outside though until the carpet was ready. Hence, the cage outside and him acting helpless and hurt. He's just lucky that we washed him in the morning and not in the high noon Texas heat!

On a lighter note, (not lite, however) I made a fruit pizza last night for dessert. This is just an iPhone photo, but I bet if P came with her sweet camera and photoed this baby, you'd be able to taste it by just looking! Even PJ liked it (and he doesn't like sweets at all). Thuy and I might open a fruit pizza/frozen yogurt shop someday.

Anyways, this post is a novel already. I'm done now.

Mrs. Scalf

Thursday, June 17, 2010

John 14:6

Here is something interesting that PJ shared with me the other night. He was at an interview for a youth pastor postion at our church here in Prosper when he was asked a question similar to this:
"Who has eternal life in heaven?"
"Those who believe in Jesus. John 14:6 says, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through me'."

After the interview, one of the elders approached him and said, "I want you to read Romans 11:25-32"

PJ came home and opened up his Bible. I'm not going to type out the whole passage here in the blog - but you should go read it! The subtitle of the passage is 'All Israel Will Be Saved'.

I have been told my whole life that the only way to eternal life with God is through belief in Christ. Therefore, anyone who does not believe he is Lord and Savior (Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, etc.) will have eternal condemnation. I have been told that Jews will not be in heaven. Straight up, just like that. By EVERYONE who has taught me the word.

The only problem is that Romans clearly states that the Jews will be in heaven because God made a promise to them as his chosen people.

He had mercy on us (Gentiles) in our disobedience and will have mercy on the Jews for their disobedience (crusifying the Christ).

It's a crazy thing to grasp (old dogs can't learn new tricks, afterall) and I had TONS of questions about it that PJ had some good thoughts on. Right now I can't remember any of those questions, but I would really like to write about my doubts and PJ responses to them.

You should ask some questions so that I can think more about it.

Mrs. Scalf

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life in Texas

Hello, whoever you are who reads this (are you out there?)!
I am officially a Texan and it's awesome. I am currently jobless and searching for a place to give me a paycheck - which was slightly successful yesterday. Other than that, I work out with Caitlin, chill out with Romo, cook-out with the fam, and pass out with the hubby. It's kind of the life (as long as you don't mind being broke).
Speaking of Romo...
Stinkin' cute as all get out! This was him right before 4 months (Memorial Day Weekend). Much more of his puppy fur is gone now and he is turning a rich golden color. He has a flea problem, which is frustrating because he's been on his meds for that regularly and I'm not sure what to do...
Many of you know this, but some don't: we bought a 1988 Jeep Cherokee!

It's the bomb. It has about 85,000 miles on it (most of which were dragged behind an RV), it's a manual (which I LOVE), and best of all - all hooked up with a CB Radio! Holler! PJ and I are really excited about it. Romo was so excited that he pooped in the back! (I wish I was kidding...)
We have some GREAT friends down here (my only friends, actually) - Caitlin and Troy. Troy and PJ really love each other.
...Ok, PJ really loves Troy and the rest is questionable! But Caitlin and Troy really love each other and make a pretty stellar couple!
I'm so thankful for friends like them!
That's what's new in the Lone Star State.
Until next time, cowboy.
Mrs. Scalf