Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life in Texas

Hello, whoever you are who reads this (are you out there?)!
I am officially a Texan and it's awesome. I am currently jobless and searching for a place to give me a paycheck - which was slightly successful yesterday. Other than that, I work out with Caitlin, chill out with Romo, cook-out with the fam, and pass out with the hubby. It's kind of the life (as long as you don't mind being broke).
Speaking of Romo...
Stinkin' cute as all get out! This was him right before 4 months (Memorial Day Weekend). Much more of his puppy fur is gone now and he is turning a rich golden color. He has a flea problem, which is frustrating because he's been on his meds for that regularly and I'm not sure what to do...
Many of you know this, but some don't: we bought a 1988 Jeep Cherokee!

It's the bomb. It has about 85,000 miles on it (most of which were dragged behind an RV), it's a manual (which I LOVE), and best of all - all hooked up with a CB Radio! Holler! PJ and I are really excited about it. Romo was so excited that he pooped in the back! (I wish I was kidding...)
We have some GREAT friends down here (my only friends, actually) - Caitlin and Troy. Troy and PJ really love each other.
...Ok, PJ really loves Troy and the rest is questionable! But Caitlin and Troy really love each other and make a pretty stellar couple!
I'm so thankful for friends like them!
That's what's new in the Lone Star State.
Until next time, cowboy.
Mrs. Scalf

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  1. Welcome Back!!! I almost posted on your last post yesterday demanding that you come back and occasionally visit blog world. I really enjoy your updates.