Wednesday, December 9, 2009

O Christmas Tree!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Cheer!!

I wanted to share with you our very first Christmas tree as a family! Wow... we had so much fun. Here is the tree on the civic... it started to fall off while we were driving home (a .5 mile drive) and I almost started crying... But she made it after all!

Thankfully, we had Criag there to help us. He carried the tree and here he is untying the tangled mess...

After Craig untied the tree from the car, PJ was determined to continue untangling the rope.. He's so sweet!

These boys really do love each other. But look at that tree!!

Here we are hanging our lights. How precious!

PJ's Mom bought us an "Our first Christmas 2009" Ornament. Here we are hanging it together. It was around this time that PJ called me tacky. I would prefer to say that he has a lack of Christmas spirit. ;)

The final product. O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, How beautiful your branches!!!

Merry Christmas Yall!!!
-Mrs. Scalf

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