Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Apt #1

It's been nearly one entire month since I've last blogged. Shame on me.

Christmas was wonderful. The mister and I began our celebration by a little thing I like to call Sticky Buns... Check these bad boys out:

We heated up the first batch, ate a few, and then ripped open our Wii, Punch Out, Mario Kart, and other sorts of gifts from our families (thank you!). Next we grabbed the laptop and headed to the Starbucks parking lot to Skype. This was quite the humorous experience... my family all sounded like chip munks.

Next we made a breakfast with Craig, Claire, Bear, the Jones Family, and the Detamores. More sticky buns, eggs, sausage, OJ, coffee, hot chocolate, ect. YUMMY!!!

Settlers of Catan was next. Wow...PJ won and it took 2 hours (at least!)

Dinner was FABULOUS! Lamb, Cider Ham, Garlic mashed potatos, Fresh Salad, Green Beans, Rolls, Pumpkin Pie, Christmas Punch.... DELICIOUS! Thanks to the Jones help :D

Good sleep, good times, wake up on Saturday and MOVE!! The week was followed by sorting junk, HOURS AT MLGW (kill me now), and cleaning. There is a spare bedroom so please come for a visit! Our new place has a fireplace, which PJ is loving. We've only set off the fire alarm once! Look at this blaze we've got going on!!

Until next time...

Mrs. Scalf

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