Monday, February 8, 2010

Adventures of 2010 #3


It's a Snow Day in Memphis TN. Wow, I wasn't even expecting snow! I had my alarm set this morning for 5:00 AM to go to growth group at Nancy's. I had prepared everything for my day last night (packed lunch, picked out clothes, put together a gym bag, etc.) so when my alarm went off, I kept sleeping. Then at about 5:30 I went to stroll out of bed, but I noticed I had two text messages:
"Growth group is canceled due to the weather, enjoy your sleep ladies!" and
"Snow day at school today, let me know if you are going to come in or not"

Naturally, I went back to sleep.... until 10:30 (which gives me a disgusting 13 hours of sleep last night)

Mr.'s favorite breakfast meal is sausage gravy and biscuits and we just so happened to have all th necessary ingredients - so this is half of my Adventure of 2010 #3. The recipe comes from The Pioneer Woman and looks delightful! Keep posted for photos :D
I'm back. Now its Tuesday and yesterday morning I made the biscuits and sausage gravy. It was a disaster! The sausage I used didn't produce the amount of grease that the recipe called for and I accidently added old, expired milk. PJ thought it was gross... and it looked gross. ohhh, better luck next time! I still have to think of one more thing to make...

Twice-Baked Potatoes!! We have a plethera of wild game in our freezer from the Ryan Family (PJ's mom and stepdad) so I thawed some of the bratwurst (what a weird word to spell...) and fried them up. What better to go with brats than some cheezy, bacony, twice baked potatoes! I really wish I had a decent camera because the photo below does not testify to the tastyness of this side!

For Christmas I made my family's traditional Christmas cookies. One of my students requested some more of these cookes for Valentine's day, which was a great idea! However, since Christmas Cookies are a Christmas-only tradition (like sticky-buns!) I changed up the icing a bit. The heart cookies tasted more like Grandma Daniels' Christmas cookies, which I think is an acceptable variation for Valentine's Day! She loved them, especially the ones with purple icing :D

Looking for next week's adeventure!

Mrs. Scalf

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