Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Example of Needing more Jesus on I-240

Yesterday I wrote about needing more Jesus. When driving anywhere in Memphis, in need LOTS of Jesus. For example, today I was merging onto I-240 and the lane next to me was also merging. I was in the left lane which, at this particular entrance ramp, meant that the other lane had to merge into my lane and then we all merge onto the high way. However, this morning there was a man who can't read merge signs and clearly doesn't know the rules of the road. He started racing me to beat me and pretty much ran me off the road because he didn't want to merge into my lane behind me... he wanted to be in front of me. So of course I blasted my horn like there was no tomorrow. And I wanted him to learn his lesson!

If in this moment I had more of Jesus in me and battled my fleshly anger, I would have graciously let him in front of me, regardless of his desire to beat me and run me off the road. The horn wouldn't have gone off, my rage wouldn't have lasted until I walked into work, and I wouldn't have been tempted to throw him the finger. (I didn't throw him the finger because that's just rude, not classy, and he would for sure think I didn't love Jesus...but oh did I want to!!)

See, I need more Jesus.

Thanks to a friend (you know who you are but I didn't know if you wanted me to put your name on the internet) for reading my blog! I think you are great... really great! And thank you for assuring me that black and brown can be worn together and look snazzy!

Chickin Parm for din din tonight so you know what that means... Adventures of 2010 #2 coming soon :D

Mrs. Scalf

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