Monday, April 26, 2010

Random Things

It's been awhile and much has been going on.

First of all, I received this photo on my phone via text message from HB. It's the sweetest thing!

The lil pup is, of course, darling little Romo. The BIG dog is Wilson - Romo's new pal! Wilson belongs to HB and JB. They graciously took Romo in for 4 days while PJ and I were in MI for my Grandpa's funeral. Oh, they are so cute!

Michigan was fine. Grandpa's funeral went well and the family is doing alright. He's been sick for quite some time, so we all knew it was coming. Grandma isn't doing so hot, but who could blame her? He was 84 and she, 77. That means they were married for a good long time.

The move to Dallas is quickly approaching, I've started packing up some stuff, but there is a lack of boxes... so it's on pause until I can find more! PJ had an interview last week Monday for Director of Youth Ministries position at a baptist church in Plano. We are supposed to find out by today if he got it. We both only want God's will... but is it bad to want God's will to be this job? Probably. I still have no news about teaching, but I will be going to a job fair for Frisco ISD on May 15. I've decided that if I do not get a full-time teaching job, I will substitute teach with the intentions of putting my face out there for school systems to see! Then, maybe the following year I will have something!

It's starting to hit me pretty hard that I'm leaving all my friends. PJ has a plethora of wonderful guy friends in the Dallas area, however I have exactly 3 acquaintances... and no job. It's going to be interesting to see what God is going to do about that. Today in growth group Nancy asked us what we were bugging God about. What are something things that we need him to do in our lives? I need friends and a job. But I haven't been pestering the provider of all for these things, so I am going to start today!

Also, we are selling a couch, loveseat, and an airconditioner that you should be interested in! Call me!

~Mrs. Scalf

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