Monday, April 26, 2010

Who Said Moms Can't Ride Motorcycles?

This is my mother:
She is riding her new Honda Rebel. It's a little bike, but perfect for her... and she looks great on it! She used to ride a bike when she was a teenager (I'm not sure how she talked Grandpa into buying her one at 16). She said she was a rebel (how fitting...) when she was growing up and that's why she liked motorcycles and country music. Who knew country music was considered rebellious back in the day? She even got tatted up when she was 20 - a little strawberry on her belly. 20 years later she was still hiding it from my grandparents! Now she has 8 and is trying to figure out what to get next... oh mother.

I drove (yes drove, not rode, drove) my first bike while I was in Michigan for the funeral. The following photo is when PJ was driving and I was riding, but later that day I drove it myself with him on my back!

It was a blast! I have officially decided that I want one (when we can afford it...which is probably never). PJ still wants a crotch rocket... I hate those things.

Lastly, Romo meets his doom:

He is a HORRIBLE walker - incredibly disobedient. He has made himself gag several times from the collar being too tight around his neck because he wants to run off in all sorts of crazy directions. A friend gave me a little harness to use, but he's too big for it now (and he hated it). I asked PJ yesterday if we could buy a bigger harness and he grabbed the choke collar instead. How cruel. So I took him for his first short walk with the collar on and I felt like Cruela De Vil (assuming she felt some shame and guilt, of course.) He didn't seem to mind it too much until he lay down in the middle of the road and wouldn't get up. Once the collar tightened, he got right up, but not without whimpering. Hopefully this won't last long and we can go back to a normal collar and leash or a harness. Eventually we want him to be able to walk without a lease - but he's a feisty little thing; I'm not sure that is possible!

Back to a wonderful day at VMS!

Mrs. Scalf

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