Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Spy with my Little Eye...

1.) Something Horrid.

On my 20 minute drive to work this morning, I witnessed, once again, catastrophic memphis drivers.

First, the cars in front of me in all 4 lanes slammed on their breaks breifly and I noticed on the right hand side of the road a car up on a pile of rocks, stranded.

Second, I was stopped off the highway at a red light. There are three lanes at this stop. The right hand turn lane is way off to the side, with a yeild sign. I was in the next lane which was a straight or left turn lane. And the far left lane was a left turn only lane. The light turned green and the lady in the left turn only lane went straight as I almost ran into her trying to turn left.
Lastly, I saw a cop coast through (at 35 mph) a busy 4-way stop (no lights, no sirens... stop sign just don't apply to Memphis cops apparently).

I'm fairly confident that I may or may not die one of these mornings driving to work. Oh, and heaven forbid it starts sprinkling or snowing... then they really get crazy!

2.) Something Beautiful!

Picture-Perfect Pickwick!!! Take a gander...

(The view of the lake sitting off the Holcomb's dock)

Ok, ok. I know... It's no lake Michigan...

(Mr. Scalf and Myself at the top of a HUGE dune!)

(Schramm at the bottom of the HUGE dune with feet buried in the crystal clear norther water)

(Sammy Lammy cannon-balling into the deep blue at the Holland Pier.)

(Joshua scoping the shore for a good wave to come and go for a smooth ride on the skim board)

(I used to have a plathera of susent photos over the endless waters, but this is the best one that I have now.. and it's still pretty great! Bets in the middle, and Grace-Face on the far right at Traverse City)

Also, Pickwick isn't quite as awesome as the Gulf of Mexico...

(I captured this just before Mr and me left our honeymoon.... wow)

But for real, Pickwick was just what the doctor ordered. Qaulity time with the ladies, wise words from Nancy (which is more valuable than gold.. for real). Look at the leaves out there...

(This is Ashley... and she is single...!)

Verse of the weekend from Miss Holcomb: "Set a gaurd over my moth, O Lord, watch over the doors of my lips." Pslam 141:3

Mrs. Scalf

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