Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Good Tuesday everyone,

I'm stumped. I need some cooking help because I'm just out of recipes. Here's the dilemma. Our oven is super flakey. (Meaning it just decides to turn it self off randomly in the middle of cooking. Baking cookies, I can handle because it only takes 8 minutes to do that. But for a 2.5 hour baking time on Chicken on Sunday - that's just not possible.) We are also poor, and buying meat is like dessert at the Scalf home, but I don't know anything good and vegetarian. Also, PJ and I are both terribly picky eaters. HELP!

I'm taking some girls to the zoo today, I can't wait! Pray that it doesn't rain.

Until next time,

Mrs. Scalf

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  1. hey friend, brad and I do a lot of rice and beans. So good and easy. Also, we do a curried cauliflower ( I am not sure if you would like that but it is amazingly good). I am not sure if you have Trader Joe's there but they have amazing vegetarian dinners for cheap. No preservatives. Anyway, I have lots more but those are some of our faves. I'll email you them if you want the recipes at all. LOVE